Saturday 22 June 2024

Planner Prompt Week 25: Pause before Work

 Firstly, no, you didn't miss weeks 11-24. I did. 

But this week's prompt was incredibly apt.

"Before starting work each day, pause and take three conscious deep breaths in and out."

    -Saint Belford 2024 week 5.

It's one of the last weeks of school and the kids have had something going on every. single. day., or I have, and my husband went on his annual fishing trip.

I appreciate DH every day, and his annual trips away make me appreciate him even more. He does all the grocery shopping, mows the lawn, and keeps the children alive after school. I had a week full of getting up at 4:30 to hit the gym, making my lunches, getting the kids out the door (they can help with breakfast, and while they are capable of making their own lunches, at this point they grab a granola bar from the pantry and we all pretend like that's amazing), PAC meetings and year-end potlucks, grocery shopping between work and said meetings and mowing a horrendously overgrown lawn after said potluck, work, more gym, more stuff, and eventually washing the don't-put-me-in-the-dishwasher dishes stop getting washed, and then you have to stop in the school in the a.m. to do stuff before work, and I don't even know if this sentence is grammatically correct, nor do I care it's been that busy, so believe me when I say that I actually used the word "frazzled" when someone at work asked me how I was that day.

Then I went to note something in the pre-weekly spread of my planner, and there it was. The best advice for this week if I ever saw it.

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