Saturday 26 July 2014

Brooklyn 99

I've had a crazy week. Crazy busy, yes, but also crazy as in I'm trying really hard not to go crazy while I try to find a new home for my last horse that I don't have the time or the physical ability to do stuff with, and I hate the hanging participle or whatever it's called, really, but I don't have time to dig in to that fail, so feel free to learn me but please do it nicely because crazy lady is trying not to cry every night at the thought of "postponing" her dream of having a horse blah blah blah. Stupid broken foot. And holy macaroni, that sentence was a train-wreck.

Usually when I'm trying to "avoid" life, so-to-speak, I turn to fluffy, oftentimes smutty, books. I can't do smutty. Hubby can't have sex for a week, which means no hot smut for me because it's like foreplay and I end up jumping him and that wouldn't be fair. Not sure for whom it's not fair. Argh.

We came across Brooklyn 99 recently. I'm avoiding life with this wonderful TV show. It's like The Office except it's set at a police station, and it's funny. Even Hubby laughs at it. Anyway, I'm addicted. It's 10:30, the kids will be up in a few hours because they don't yet understand the concept of sleeping in on a weekend. Firstly, they'd have to understand the concept of a weekend. And the concept of sleeping in. Actually, they do understand the concept of sleeping in, but only if it means that I'm going to be late for work.

Right, back to on-topic; it's late and I can't stop watching B99. Well, I guess I can, since I'm not watching right now, but I want to be. I need to save some episodes for later, though, so I cut myself off.

Now if only I could cut myself off from chocolate. For more than a day, at least.

Sunday 20 July 2014

Kudos to All the Single Moms out There

I don't know how you do it. I hope to everyone holy that you have a great support system.

I have the best husband in the world, and generally my kids are pretty good, but I'm still having a bad day. No, the kids haven't been bad. They've been kids. I'm just having one of those days where I'm exhausted for a variety of reasons, and I'm a bit too tired to maintain that perfect emotional fitness that we all strive so hard for (you know the one--it makes it "easy" for you to smile and speak lovingly and with perfect skills to your children even though it would be so much easier to yell at them. (I think that this effect was achieved in the 50's via Valium. I don't have any Valium)).

I'm going to admit it: I yelled. Not a lot. Not horribly or abusively. Maybe a little meanly.

I feel like a horrible parent.

All I want to do is cry. And be alone. And cry. Maybe not completely alone. Chocolate would be welcome, but I don't think that it would help much.

My husband knows this, and has been helpful tonight. It's still been hard and exhausting and tiring and frustrating and I feel nothing but shameful and useless even though I know that that's a lie.

How do single parents do it?

I think of friends of mine, and other people I know, and of people I don't know who are raising kids on their own, and I wonder, if I had to be a single parent, would I be able to rise above the frustration and the exhaustion and have kids who still love me at the end of the day?

I hope so.


I think that all the single moms (and dads) out there need some really big hugs.

And a friend or two who would be willing to watch your kid(s) for a few hours every once in a while so that you can sleep. Or cry. Or both.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

The Worst Muse Almost Convinced Me to Join Twitter

Thank you Jennifer Crusie for once again making my day!

She gave me The Worst Muse.

I love it! I would have joined Twitter just for that. But then I discovered that I can just go online to Twitter and see the Tweets. Whenever I want. However often I want. Or never. Is Tweet capitalized? It looks stupid. Tweet. Okay, that one was a given. How about tweet. Yeah, much better.

Enjoy :)

Saturday 12 July 2014

101 Things to Do for your Children: #15: Let Them Grow Stuff

Number 15 of the 101 Things to do with kids is

If possible allow your child a plot of land or at least a flower pot in which to experience growing things.

K2 bought a seed potato a while back. I cut it into four pieces and he planted them. A few days later he dug a couple up to see if they were growing.

Now they're doing quite well. Three of them are, anyway. I'm not too sure what happened to potato piece number four. It's quite possibly rotting in the raspberry bushes somewhere.

I bought a couple strawberry plants, and as soon as the berries are ripe enough (any bit of red at all), they're picked. I think that they're even eaten. And I can't wait for the raspberries to be ready. I'm also hoping that the raspberries aren't too angry about the severe pruning job that they got this spring (which K2 got to help with as well--awesome!).

I think that this is a great Thing. It makes so much sense on so many levels. Your kids get to learn about where food comes from. They get to dig in the dirt. They get to learn how plants grow. They get to dig in the dirt and you can't get mad at them for it! They get to learn the responsibility of taking care of things so that they grow and flourish. And watering is fun, fun, fun!

I mean, after they get to dig in the dirt for a reason, and get really dirty which is the bestest fun ever, they get to water everything. Not just the plant, but the lawn around it. And the deck. And the sandbox. And maybe they can fill the kiddie pool a bit more while they're at it. And maybe now we can put the sprinkler on, Mom.

And while the sprinkler's on, you just go on thinking that we're occupied. Hey, is it okay that we moved these flowers over here? I know we already did it, so it must be okay, right? I think the sandbox needs more water, so I'll just move the sprinkler over there. Heck. Let's just put it right in the pool while we're at it. That'll help balance out the sand-to-water ratio that's in the pool.

Once everything's watered and tended-to, it's just a matter of letting the sun do it's thing, and we've had lots of sun so far this summer!

Now we just have to wait until the potatoes are ready for some more justified digging-that-happens-not-in-the-sandbox!

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Random Thoughts for 2014-07-08 - I Should Really Start Writing this Stuff Down

Or I should start thinking out loud while recording myself on my phone. I have a lot of really funny random thoughts while I'm doing mundane things like driving, washing dishes, walking from the bathroom to my office, and trying to sleep.

Then I get here and my mind has a running commentary of, "La la la la, la la la la." Bitch.

I think I'm addicted to smut. I finished my last e-book last night (a Noelle Adams/Stacy Joy Netzel duet called Surprised by Family), and I'm jonesing. Seriously. I'm a little grumpy and looking for my next fix.

Sex-after-kids tip for you: Quickies. And, your kids don't even have to be in bed. More on that later, but to be nice, I should give you a TMI warning now. Give me a couple days to get back to you on that.

My desk at work: Immaculate.

My desk at home: Fucking dumping ground for everybody's crap. Oh. Wait. 99% of that shit is mine.


K1 decided that due to arm and leg pain (which always is considerate enough to show up at bedtime), he needed some mushroom soup to make it feel better. He had mushroom soup the night before, and wanted someone to put the leftovers in a container for later. So hubby took it to the kitchen and fucking ate it. Then containered up the leftovers in the pot. Okay, so no big deal, right? My mom used that last night to make a casserole-ish dinner, so there isn't any mushroom soup left.

"Who did what happened to my container?"

"Uh... How about some cottage cheese?"


After that, he still needed mushroom soup to feel better.

I had a "Go the Fok to Sleep" moment.

Ugh. I should probably get ready for work. So I'm not late. Or something.

Monday 7 July 2014

BMBR (Smut Week 2): Surrender Part 6: Delilah's Diary #1 A Sexy Journey by Jasinda Wilder

Bottom Line: it was okay, but I have no desire to buy the other ones. I don't remember getting all hot to trot.

(Sorry, out of time--really quick--girl finds husband banging the pastor's wife so she leaves town with all their money, gives him the house etc, changes her look, meets a guy but doesn't sleep with him, and takes off to Italy where she gets herself a hot lover. I'm presuming that after a super sexual journey she'll get together with dude #1--foreshadowing etc.)

Thursday 3 July 2014

BMBR (Smut Week 2): Surrender Part 5: Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands 1) by Cherise Sinclair


I like the disclaimer by the author at the beginning of the story. It's a nice little warning about how BDSM should always be safe, sane and consensual, and how the love story in this story happens rather quickly, and that that shouldn't be the case between Dom and Sub in real life.

Girl's car goes into a ditch in a storm, and she ends up at a house in the middle of nowhere, which turns out to be, surprise, surprise, a private club where bondage etc is the name of the game.

The story was hot. Really freaking hot. I really really want the other books in the series (novellas, really), but I'm not sure that I can justify 4-5 bucks or more a pop. Some are eight! Seriously. I'm holding out for a box set.

To be honest, though, Hubby would not mind much if I spent money on more e-books that made me hot enough to jump him. His words, not mine, so as soon as my bank account can say yes, I probably will.


Tuesday 1 July 2014

BMBR (Smut Week 2): Surrender Part 4: Teasing Trent by M. Malone

Cute short story about a girl who seduces her big brother's best friend, and his honest, but futile, attempts at resistance. He'd do better against the Borg.

Bottom line: I was trying to be a good girl and not buy more books, but while I was checking the prices on the novels in this series (The Alexanders) ($3ish), I saw that book one is free at the moment. Downloaded!

Ahem. I'll let you know if it's any good.
Ahem again. It started out as a disappointment, but it got much better.  Bought book two...