Wednesday 29 August 2018

Curried prawns and white blouses don't mix.

No matter how careful you are.
Especially when as you sit down you think, 'I'll probably dribble on the last bite.'

You will dribble yellow curry sauce on the third to last bite.
So then you'll Google how do you get curry out of white clothes.

Most popular option is detergent and white vinegar and warm water,  and then you dab at the stain until it works up. Sorta worked. Then I tried straight Forever New (I  have to wash my bras anyway so I might as well dig it out). Worked a bit more.

I should mention that this shirt is new and worn once. IE today.

THEN I found my Pink Solution laundry bar under the sink. Fab-u-lous!

Other things that do not pair well with white tops: all other Indian food, Mexican food, red sauces, coffee, baby vomit, any other food, going outside, children, pets, bleeding noses, and life.

Now I'm rethinking my recent decision to replace half of my wardrobe with white blouses.

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