Saturday 18 May 2024

I Need to Start Writing Down My Random Thoughts

 Because I've had quite a few good ones, and now they're gone. 

And, not just singular random thoughts, but thoughts that lead to other thoughts and then it's just a big random train, and I'm grinning and possibly giggling, and my kids, who are in the car with me, are like, "what are you smiling about?" and I'm like, how do I possibly explain this without coming off as a crazy person?

When we're driving somewhere, my husband often asks me what I'm thinking about. 

I'm daydreaming, obviously, but do I tell him that I'm daydreaming about how I'm a character in Supernatural, but the character is actually my character that will be in a book one day, and she's just been inserted into an episode (an episode that doesn't exist by the way), or maybe Sam and Dean have been inserted into a chapter of her book? And oh look, the trees along the highway are all pretty and gold!

Yeah, Sam and Dean have messed up royally and now my character has to save their asses. Actually, someone else messed up a spell, but they still need help saving the day.

What I say, of course, is that I'm thinking about how much I enjoy hanging out with the kids.

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