Monday 15 January 2018

BMBR: Penny Reid's "Bearded" Series

Lately I've been trying to read real books instead of e-books, so I started Game of Thrones. Loving it, and I don't feel as guilty taking it in to the tub with me as I do my phone.

One day between Christmas and New Year's, however, I decided to not ignore my daily BookBub email.

I downloaded Truth or Beard. And, then I kept going because the books were awesome. Laughed out loud. A lot. I've read all of the Beards that have been published to date.

(Synopsis of all: Bearded Brothers (7? of them) all get their own romance story. They also have one sister. She doesn't have a beard.)

And then in one of the more recent ones, the heroine's brother and his girlfriend come to visit, and I'm thinking, these people are familiar. And wouldn't you know it, yep, I have their story, which is #1 in the Knitting in the City series by the same author. I LOVED that one! (Neanderthal Seeks Human)

It turns out that the Bearded Brothers' sister's love story is #4 of the Knitting series, and #0.5 of the Bearded series, so I re-read the first of the Knitting, and the 2nd, which I also had.

I don't know why I stopped reading the Knitting. Maybe it had to something to do with the price tag. I have a vague memory of feeling a bit meh about the enjoyment vs. price ratio of book #2 (book #1 was free, so, worth it!).

But after reading all of the Beards, and maybe because a lot of stuff has been going on in life lately (can we say "avoidance"?), and maybe because I got an Amazon gift card in my stocking, I just kept clicking that pesky orange button to buy with 1 single click.

I might be a bit sorry when I look at my credit card later, but not that sorry. I've enjoyed myself. And I've successfully procrastinated on at least three projects. Yay, me!

Bottom line: I found the Beards to be worth their $7.99 tags, but if I hadn't been in avoidance mode, I would have balked at it. $6-7 would feel much better. Knitting, well, like I said, procrastination seemed to be a NY Resolution for me, so I did it, but those ones I'd say would be a good $5-6 book.


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