Monday 29 September 2014

Monday's Muse 2014-09-29

My Muse has said that my entire book must be scrapped unless each characters' names are super symbolic, which is good because if she'd said that I should use plain names I'd have to scrap my book for sure.

Here's a run-down of who all is in When Winter Comes by Spinny Tupper:

Angelica Snow is the sweet girl stuck in the small town of Littleton, Dom Masters is the Mayor who is attracted to her pale good looks and is determined to teach Angelica all about what she wants.

Sybil Mercury is Dom's manic depressive wife who is jealous, but is she jealous of Angelica, or is she jealous of Dom?

Jack Winter is the new guy in town, and he just might be cold enough to show Angelica what she really needs.

Torn in three directions, Angelica needs to decide who will show her heart if it should stay in or get out of Littleton.

And don't forget about Tom. He's watching Angelica all the time, so he'll know what happens When Winter Comes.

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