Tuesday 29 December 2020

Overtone - Are You Afraid of Stains?

I've answered the Suggested for You ads in FB Land, and have partaken in some Overtone dying of the hair.

Fuck that sounds awkward. It's late. Ten whole minutes before 9pm. 

Anyhoo, I started with Extreme Green. My tub looked like a curry took a bath in it. 
My hair is a medium-dark blonde with strawberry highlights. 
The green took out the red, and made my hair look like a dark blonde.

I then ordered Purple for Brown Hair, and Blue for Brown Hair.
Better results for sure. Purple stays in your hair longer; even after it's all faded out, there's a slight purple undertone to it. 
Blue was less likely to stick around, and my husband claims that it makes my hair look grey. As it fades out, it certainly does.
I actually used some Extreme Green (daily conditioner) to colour-correct back to a more natural shade towards the end of the week. That worked out well!

Quick note on the hubby: when we met, I had a horse, got dirty, never wore makeup or painted my nails, etc. etc.
My horse died, and I still get dirty (camping and gardening are great), but now I'm decorating myself for fun. I've discovered great makeup (www.buffd.com), and occasionally like to paint my nails (with as chemical-free a polish as possible), and, now I'm dying my hair. When I have time. Like, once a month or two or three.
So, Hubby is okay with the hair dying as long as I don't go Old-Lady Burgundy.

Purple puts me in danger of being Old-Lady Burgundy. 
And makes the tub look like I tried to make wine.

And, if you ever want to stage a "Smurf was murdered and chopped up in the bathtub" event, dye your hair with Blue for Brown.

So then I figured that I'd try Ginger since I have naturally occurring red highlights. Hello, Anne with an "e"!
As it fades (I've stopped using the daily conditioner - I think if I did, I'd still be very orange), it's heading closer to an Auburn.
This one is easier on the tub, by the way.

I now have Golden Brown on order so that I can mix it with some Ginger; maybe I can reach an Auburn.

Regardless, know that if you fuck up with this product, it washes out within a week or so, and that it is truly kind to your hair.