Tuesday 3 January 2017

Monday's Muse 2017-01-03

Not quite Monday, but technically yesterday was a holiday. Not that I'm getting paid for this, so really, I have to ask, a holiday from what, exactly?


Apparently if you want to write a book about a Wild West Mail Order Bride, you have to make everyone really dumb. It was a simpler time, so people talked in a simpler manner, which means that their vocabulary was really tiny, and for Gosh Darn Sake's, don't use any big words 'cause no one will understand them, and it should not matter whether the person's talkin' or thinkin'; even the thoughts have to be dumb. Simpler times = dumb. And stupid. And even the edercated have to talk dumb, like, so that the reg'lar folks ken understands 'em.

Somebody give me a frickin' 6-shooter.

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