Wednesday 7 December 2016

WWW: What can happen in a second.

Everything can happen in a second. Life. Death. Love and hate. You can win a race in a second. Or, by a second. You can win a race by a tenth, or even a one-hundredth of a second. 

Everything can happen in a Blink of an Eye. And since you can probably blink a few times in a second, lots can happen in a Blink.

Take your eyes off the road for one second, maybe because you hate the song that's playing, or maybe because your kids are screaming at each other and you turn your head for just one instant, you Blink your eyes only once, to yell "Shut up!", and when you turn your head back around, you don't have your second left.

You can't react in a second. Your second is already used up. No more blinks. Just eyes wide open in fear, and that sickening feeling of sliding into nothing.

Okay, somebody's in a dark mood.

Next week's topic: The worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had.

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