Friday 31 October 2014

Random Thoughts 2014-10-31

Happy Halloween!

I got tired of struggling to get K1 out the door in the mornings, so I decided to give him some responsibilities for the mornings. I was thinking that getting up without whining, getting dressed, going potty, and making sure that he had his favourite blankie would be great responsibilities for a 4yr old. I asked him what he thought his responsibilities should be. His response was, "I think that my responsibilities should be sleeping in the mornings."

Oh sure, I know that really, he only thinks that for weekdays. These guys don't believe in sleeping in on weekends. Ever.

I made an egg-nog cheesecake last night for no reason. I froze most of it. Don't be jealous.

I want to do the NaNoWriMo thing. 50k words in a month, and it's just a rough draft. So, basically, verbal diarrhea that gets cleaned up later.

If I do it on weekends, that's only 5000 words per day. What is that, like 10 pages? I can do that. I just have to let something else go:
1. Housework. My mom would freak out, but she judges as it is so I have to ask if I really care.
2. Kids. Nope. Try number one, above.
3. Cooking. Uh, no. Gotta eat or I get cranky. Gotta feed the kids or they get fucking whiny. Can't afford to eat out all the time unless I give something up like housing, so no.
4. Work. Kinda like living in a house and being able to heat it in the winter, thanks.
5. Exercise. I'm way too fat and out of shape to give that up. I should probably start, though.
6. Sleep. See number 3 above.
7.  Hubby time. He's really good in bed, so no.

I guess someone else can clean my house. And maybe cook. But I'd still have to do most of the writing at night, which would interfere with numbers 6 and 7. I might be able to combine 5 and 7 to save time...

I'm also really tempted to do it using my favourite muse.

That would be super fun. Coming soon: a book about white-ass vampires who have struggling writing careers in New York, but really they're also aliens who come from a planet that not only has one culture on their entire planet, but they also have the exact same political issues that we do! Sounds so totally awesome, I know.

I'm looking forward to the kids' gymnastics tomorrow. Especially K2's parent and tot. I love it when he freaks out and smashes his face to the floor and cries and screams because he's overwhelmed or frustrated or just plain isn't allowed to do exactly what he wants right now. Yup. I'm that parent with that kid. Fuck me I'm not looking forward to that. I have enough PMS on my own right now, thank you very much.

Breville is going to kick Kitchenaid's ass.

Well, my random thoughts are starting to go to sleep. Ciao.

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