Saturday 4 October 2014

BMBR: The Girl in the Box books 1-3 by Robrt J Crane

This "boxed set" was, and I think still is, free on Kindle. It's worth the price. I honestly and foolishly believed that it was a trilogy.

Ha ha ha! Feel free to laugh at me here.

Nope. The end of book three is a cliffhanger (just like books one and two. Actually, the ends of the books are the only times I remember having to read on), and it looks like I will have to shell out $5 a pop at least three times.

I can't say that the writing is good enough to justify the cost for me, but I won't tell you not to go for it.

If you're into books that are a bit like reading an X-Men movie (similar subject matter), then you should definitely try the free first three books on Kindle. I'll let you decide if you want to find out what happens after that.

My bottom line: I never made an effort to find time to read this like I do other books. It wasn't ever bad and it has potential, but it wasn't engaging enough for me to pay to continue on with the series.

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