Wednesday 1 October 2014

Don't Shame Me in to Sharing

This lovely little cartoon was on Facebook.

If the caption above the cartoon had not said "Share if you are against bullying" above the strip, I definitely would have shared.
If the only caption that the cartoon had was "Share if you are against bullying," I might have shared.But since the second caption (the one below the cartoon) said, "I bet 99% won't," I'm not sharing.
Because I feel bullied (and like I'm being shamed).
This applies to ALL of those lovely cartoons/pictures/eCards that beautifully encourage you to espouse the indicated cause.
By all means, share and post pictures and cards and whatnot for the things that you believe in and hold dear to your hearts.
But please don't make me feel like you're going to think that I'm an asshole if I don't. How about you just share the card without the guilt trip?
I bet you more people would share.
AND, you'd know who shared because they WANTED to -- not because they thought that you'd think less of them for not sharing, and not because they don't have the guts to say, "Fuck off, you bully!"

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