Monday 11 August 2014

Random Thoughts 2014-08-11

Took the kids to an airshow on the weekend. It was an hour drive. It took two. Kids had to poop (but couldn't in the bushes on the side of the road), peed their diaper (changed while K1 was unsuccessfully attempting to poop in the bushes on the side of the road), or had blood pouring out of their mouths (Turkey Jerky. I hope. Couldn't find anything).

Showed up late enough that the entrance was free. Yay!

Kids more interested in running around and looking at the planes that were on the ground rather than the planes that were doing cool tricks in the sky. Oooooh! Then they found the digger and the tracked mini-bulldozer and the loader! That was the bestest ever part of the AIRSHOW.

Got home and later K1 went outside. Checked on him. Watched him pee off the deck, probably into his potatoes. Later found him hobbling out of the "bushes" in the backyard, poopy pants down around his ankles. 'Twas a successful poop in the bushes this time.

Cleaned the house. Filed all my filing. You should see my desk! A. You can see my desk! B. You should see my desk now because by this time tomorrow, you won't be able to. Mopped the floors, and really thoroughly, too. My body hates me now.

Grandma took K1 to the Exhibition. It was all good until his balloon popped. End of the world, that.

Reading some Alien-Human erotica. The sample left me feeling weird, but curious. I bought it. I'm actually skipping some of the sex to read the story. Does she get to keep the baby? Or are his people going to come and take it "home"?

Going through Gail Vaz Oxlade's (I probably spelled that wrong, but I'm too tired to open another tab and google her, event though that would probably be faster than typing this lazy-assed excuse) My Money My Choice levels. It's a free program. But you need to read a lot of excerpts from her books. Not so free.

Unless you get them from the LIBRARY!! Ha Ha! Take that, Gail!

Actually, she'd probably be proud of me.

Except they're due back in a couple of days, and I still need a couple of them. Renew renew renew. Because if I pay late fees, Gail will be disappointed.

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