Sunday 2 March 2014

Busy Mom Book Review: When it Rains by Lisa De Jong

Beautiful story about a girl and her highschool sweetheart/best friend, the assault that she suffers by the highschool football hero, and the guy who rolls into town and brings her back to life.

I won't tell you if this love triangle has a happy ending or not, but as you read, it's an easy guess as to how it's going to end.

I wouldn't have complained if I'd bought this as a real book for full price, but I don't need to do that. I'm happy that I spent four bucks or so for the Kindle version (dammit! I just went to Kindle to double check the price. After the Rain is a buck. So much for not buying more ebooks until I'm done slogging through Shelters of Stone! And, I suppose that this answers the question as to whether or not I'd buy more Lisa De Jong: yup).

Go for it. But keep a box of tissues handy...

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