Sunday 30 March 2014

Are You a True Friend/Decent Person?

Are you ever on social media sites, and do you ever get those "pictures" that "ask" you to forward them on by shaming you if you don't? A friend of mine answered the challenge:

LOTS of thingies on here demanding, I mean asking, me to say in one word how we met. (And challenging me to scroll down to read the entire post.) Then I'm supposed to copy said thingy onto my wall. This, apparently, proves that I read your wall.
Ok--firstly, you know how we met. If you don't know how we met, you should probably stop drinking. Because chances are pretty good that if you are one of my FB friends, we have actually met. And I'm pretty sure I remember how we met.
Secondly, I'm not reading anyone's wall. It's called a news feed, or something. You know, that long page that you can scroll down to see what all your FB friends are doing/posting. (I barely have time for that--I'd never have time to open everyone's wall individually).
Thirdly, I don't do those "you must copy/share/repost this picture to prove that you are a decent person/true friend" thingies. (I never did chain letters when they were done by email/snail mail, either.)
Fourthly, as my friend, you know that I write all of this with humour in my heart, and a wink in my eye 
Lastly, and most importantly, I love you all 

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