Sunday 3 September 2023

Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: The Smiling Experiment Gone So Very Wrong

 I might finish this book in the next few years! 

I finished Chapter 3 on Blond Bombshells (Barbie--Manufactured by Mattel, Designed by Evolution (note that this book was written well before the movie so take that title for what it's worth)) and why men like them so much. The long story short: youth in women = we can have babies, and blond hair darkens as we age so that's an indicator of youth. Etc.

This chapter also talks about how men err on the side of false positive because they're wired to procreate. IE, for men it's better to assume that a woman is interested because if they aren't, oh well, but if they are and the man didn't follow up on a flirt then he missed a procreational opportunity.

Women, however, err on the side of false negative, IE if she's unsure that a man is interested (long term?) then oh well. If he wasn't interested, she didn't get pregnant. If he was interested and she didn't pick up on it, oh well because she didn't get pregnant with someone who maybe just wanted a one-night stand. 

Double IE: men need to err on the side that gives them progeny, and women need to err on the side that doesn't saddle them with long term responsibilities by themselves. 

The Really Interesting Tidbit from the chapter was the story of a Supermarket Chain making all of their cashiers thank customers by name while smiling and looking them in the eyes. If it was a male cashier, or if it was a female cashier and a female customer, no problem. If it was a female cashier and a male customer, well then there was stalking and harassment because if a woman looks into a man's eyes, smiles, and says "thank you for shopping with us, George Smith," then she must want to be his sex slave and marry him.

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