Wednesday 22 January 2020

Three Mini-Mommy Vacations to Try

Ways moms can get a mini vacation:
1. Plan a long weekend getaway by yourself (working on this one for later this year).
  Pros: you come back refreshed, you don't have to worry about the every day logistics of getting everyone fed and off to school, and you don't have to mitigate the 1000 fights that happen every day.
  Cons: you have to find someone else to take care of those logistics and to mitigate those fights, and it can cost money. 
  Pros still outweigh the cons.

2. Send the kids to overnight camp. I've never done this one.
  Pros: you don't have any child related logistics to worry about between drop off and pick up.
  Cons: maybe you miss your kids, your kids might miss you, costs etc. 
  Still worth it.

3. Get a nasty blood infection, end up in emergency, and then in ICU, and get put on infectious protocols, and your kids aren't allowed to see you. I'm currently trying this one out.
  Pros: nurses are awesome. They will do so much for you, and you will lose the last shred of inhibitions over privacy during bodily functions that you had left. Not that you had much left. You have 2 kids and one bathroom; they've seen you do everything in there, and I mean everything. 
  You will have time to sleep, read, chat with a few friends, you won't have to worry about work, and someone else definitely has to take care of all those logistics listed above.
  Cons: you can't see your kids. You have 3 IV lines, a neck line, an artery line, heart monitors, a catheter, and you need someone to help you get all of that 3 feet to the commode just so that someone else can wipe your ass afterwards. You can't see your kids. You have constant diarrhea, from whatever, and it sucks. You can't see your kids. You are worried about kid logistics and can't see your kids.
  This one is only a good break for a couple days. And then it gets old.

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