Sunday 3 January 2016

BMBR: Come by Becca Jameson

According to the bio at the end of the novel, which, yes, I reached, but no, I probably shouldn't have, I read that Ms Jameson was an editor for years before writing her own novels. She wasn't a grammar editor. At least, I hope not. Maybe it's different when you write your own--you maybe can't see the errors--but wouldn't you therefore have an editor?

Or is this one of many in a long line of "BDSM is really hot right now, so pump them out, and don't worry about using the wrong "your" (and weirdly enough, in this book it wasn't a case of some one writing something like "your running really fast" (the common error), it was more like, "hey, is that you're pencil?") or their or spell that crinkly stuff under your heroine's dress "tool" on one page, and "toulle" on the next page. No one will notice because no one who reads BDSM romance would know the difference." (The tool/toulle error may be from another book, but I don't think it matters.)

Yeah, I take offence to that. Sure, I'm not expecting all of my sex-laden romance to be Giller-prize material, but for the love of my sex life, comma faults really interrupt my foreplay, and I find that really distracting. I'm correcting errors instead of being turned on.

And sometimes I need to read about hot sex, which gets me all hot and bothered and ready to go for when the kids are finally in bed and we're so tired that there is no way either of us has the energy for an hour of actual physical foreplay.

And I know what you're thinking: if I have time to read, wouldn't I have time for actual physical foreplay?

[Snorts.] No. This is what I do when I'm snuggling with the rugrats while they watch Paw Patrol ad nauseum before bed. You know, instead of doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom.

But I digress, so back to the book review.

Girl meets guy, guy introduces her to his BDSM lifestyle while protecting her from a stalker. It was a freebie from Book Bub.

It wasn't horrible, and I did read it to the end, but now that I think about it, I don't remember actually ever feeling like I should drag my hubby down the hallway for a good tumble.

Bottom line: this one made me realize that just because you got it for free does not mean that you have to read it.

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