Wednesday 6 January 2016

BMBR: Almost in Love by Kylie Gilmore

This was a freebie via Bookbub. I haven't finished it. And I probably won't.

It's a Big Bang Theory-esque plot where the nerdy (but hot and has some money) thinks that the artsy chick with pink hair, and who lives across the hall, is super hot.

What it doesn't have is actual intelligence or hotness.

This version came with a prequel novella (Almost Dating) on how the characters first met, and it ends with them kissing in the building's laundry room. That should have been it, right there. Great short story, maybe not in writing style, but it has all the elements from introduction to denouement. I left there thinking, "great, and they live happily ever after!" Or, at least, imagining that they do.

In Almost in Love, I'm expecting the Guy to get the Girl by being his charming, nerdy self, but the Girl ends up being embarrassed by him, and then the Guy gets the part of the Pirate King in the local theatre, and suddenly the Girl thinks that he's hot and she wants him. Badly. (So does every female and gay man around.) And the whole time (at least as far as I've read) the Guy is thinking back to the other time in high school when he was in a play and his girlfriend thought he was hot until the play ended and then it turned out that, lo and behold, he's just a nerdy Guy, so she dumped him, and the Guy is worried that the current Girl is going to do the same, and the whole time I'm screaming in my head, "Dude! Don't change who you are just to get a Girl who's embarrassed by you! Find the Girl who thinks it's cool that you own a Fro-Yo shop and that you like to dance around in a cow costume for the kids! Because she is going to KEEP being embarrassed by you unless you're the Pirate King!"

I couldn't stop screaming that, so I gave up on the book because if it was a Girl trying to change herself for a Guy, I would hate that story too.

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