Tuesday 17 June 2014

BMBR: The Elusive and Exclusive Billionaire's Club by Bella Bentley

I was trolling for free books on Kindle the other night, and I came upon this wonderful example that proves two things:

1. Thanks to e-publishing, anyone, and I mean anyone, can publish a book these days, especially if there's a suggestion of sex inside.

2. You can't lose any brain cells when you read a book that sounds like an eighth-grader (who's failing her English class, by the way) writing porn. Your brain cells check out on the first page as a preservation tactic.

Only the first "book", which is so short, charging more than 0.00 would be a freaking crime, is free. You can read the descriptions of the other, not-so-free, and probably just as short, books to figure out what happens in the rest of the story. They're better written.

This, my friends, is a book that you can judge by it's cover.

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