Sunday 14 January 2024

Planner Prompt 2024 Week 2 - Pick a New Self-Care Activity to Try This Week

When you go to to pick a new self-care activity to try, you land on a very lengthy PDF full of suggestions for your Mind, Body, & Soul, complete with links to their resources. 
I picked Practice Saying No to Things that Don't Serve You.

I'm not sure how old this PDF is, but the links for this topic land on the main pages of the sites and I couldn't find the specific blog posts / podcasts.

What I did find, though, was a podcast on Spotify: Lori Wheeler's Positivity Xperience, and the July/23 episode Unlocking Happiness: Prioritize Saying No to Others and YES to You!

I come from a very society-minded background, and serving others and being mindful of the community is a big deal on Mom's side of the family, so even though I like doing things for myself despite all that, at first I found Lori to be swinging a bit to the selfish side of things, even in other podcasts. She does eventually say that she's not saying to be selfish, but that you need to take care of yourself so that you are able to take care of others. I know at least two people who are taking care of others who are not a beneficial relationship partner, without taking care of themselves. Their lives are somewhat to completely bound to this person, and they're getting nothing but duty out of it. Duty with no reward.

One of the risks of telling people no, especially if you never do, is that they get very put out and offended that they are no longer your #1 priority. Even though Mom says that she expects to go in to a home at some point, she may also be expecting daily visits.

I love spending time with Mom, and I love my alone time, and I love my family time. So finding a balance for all of that is key. Me first, without being a selfish twat.

Overall I found the podcast affirming how I've been feeling lately. I have been wanting to let go of a couple current responsibilities to make room for new things (like blogging more than once a year), so that's in the works.

This coming week's self-care tip is: Use magazine and newspaper cutouts to create a physical vision board of your 2024 goals and intentions.

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