Tuesday 31 March 2020

Mommy's Zen 2020-03-something

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Usually I only fill that with wine to the bottom of JUICE. Maybe the top of JUICE on a bad day.
Tonight it was full.
I'm not sure that I will leave the tub in a graceful manner.
I know that I will not leave the tub on a graceful manner.
I'll be lucky to make it to the bedroom without embarrassing myself.
EDIT to add:
Omigod I just sat up to scrub the pits. Never mind getting to the bedroom. At all, embarrassment or no.
I'm going to be lucky to get out of the tub. At. All.
Contemplating sleeping in it. Will have to warm the water shortly.
Hubby will be up soon for his midnight shift. Might be safer to wait.

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