Wednesday 24 May 2017

WWW: A Houseplant is Dying. Tell it Why it Needs to Live

It has been a while (understatement of the period of time since my last post), and it's Wednesday, so here is the Wednesday Writer's Workshop.

(To refresh your memory:
I found a book called 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers' Grotto.
I bought it in either February 4th or April 2nd, 2015. The receipt's still in it. I think I've looked at it every now and then, and probably thought, "these might be good writing exercises." At least someone else would be coming up with the ideas.
642 things. One thing a week. That would only take - -no that can't be right - 12.35 years?)

So, on with today's topic (#3 on page 1), Convince your Houseplant to Live:

You are the orchid that my late grandmother gave me for my birthday, and if you die, my mother will cry.

Hey there little buddy! I see that you are, at this fragile moment in time, contemplating giving up on yourself. Dude, it's not so bad. You can do it. You can grow. Here's a little water; boy you look thirsty. Yeah, drink up, dude. Here's a bit more soil, too. Some new stuff, so that you can get some vitamins. That'll help you feel better. Vitamins always help me feel better. 
Yeah, there you go little dude. See, if you live, I'll have someone to talk to everyday. Oh sure, the cat's looking at us with that "that plant is not a person", but I think he's just a bit jealous because I'm talking to you and not to him. I tried talking to him earlier, but he gave me the cold shoulder, so whatever, dude.
Anyway, I know that sometimes continuing on with life can seem a bit futile, but I promise you Little Fella, that if you live, and keep growing, you'll be able to help that old lady across the street, man. Maybe we'll bake you up in some brownies; she likes chocolate. 
Whoa, pretend you didn't hear the part about being baked, Dude. I won't bake you. Nah, just grow and be strong.
Later, little guy.

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