Tuesday 1 September 2015

BMBR: Eternal Vows by Christy Peebles

This one was free (thanks Bookbub), and it was good enough to buy the second one, Eternal Destiny, for less than 4 bucks.

The intelligence level of the conversation - and there is a freaking lot of it - however, took a nosedive into Stupid Land.

OK, firstly I shall give you a quick synopsis. Or is it first I will give you... etc. Ah who cares. It's almost ten pm and I had wine. So moving on. Onward.  Erg.

Girl goes through portal (with a few of her friends) into an alternate dimension where it's medieval-Era and every freaking paranormal/magical story element exists (and shows up throughout the story at great convenience, but not in a well-written kind of way), and her sister, who disappeared from the same area ten years ago is there and married and immortal! Girl then gets mistaken for a princess and ends up married and illegally made immortal.

The action and adventure ensues, not too badly in the first book, but kills brain cells in the second and it wasn't until a character from our time says something about not having seen Days of our Lives in a while, but the drama is making up for it. In fact, he felt like he was on an episode of Maury.

Aha. Ms. Peebles watches soaps and trashy daytime TV and tries to write a book (or two or four. The count is getting up there) like it's a soap opera, but she just can't pull it off.

It's too bad. I had high hopes for the premise.

Bottom line: the first book is free. Go for it. The second book? I'm at 75% on the Kindle, and it's getting really hard to care whether or not the dragon eats them. Maybe it's because the girl is still trying to get back home even though she is physically bound to the wedding ring that binds her to the hot husband that she's in love with because she's a whiny little princess who complains non-stop about the lack of Sheraton hotels and drive-through restaurants. Waah. Life's to hard. Boo hoo.

Just have sex with your husband already. Gah.

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