Thursday 8 May 2014

BMBR: Shadow Dance by Anne Stuart

Loved it. Masterful telling of falling in love while on the run and in disguise.

Two brothers are on the run; one is disguised as a woman who manages to fall in love with an innocent girl, who in turn could not be more confused because she is falling in love with a woman...

The other brother is falling in love with a woman pretending to be a boy.

This book is so well written, and the story was delightful, which has won me over to Anne Stuart. (I read A Rose at Midnight, which, while being well written, turned me off a bit because of the way that the main characters interacted. I've never been a big fan of women falling in love with their mean bullies. Shadow Dance is thankfully different.)

Shadow Dance won me over so well that now I feel like an idiot for not checking every day for Anne's 40 days of deals for 40 years of writing.

Bottom line: I would love to buy all of her books, but due to her prolific career I may have to settle for the occasional library visit. I'm also okay with slowly collecting her works as I find good deals for my Kindle. If I'd discovered her sooner, her real books would probably be on my bookshelf.

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