Thursday 6 February 2014

Book Reviews by a Super Busy Mom

Yeah, so I haven't been here much. Sorry. I've been busy. It's T4 season. Guess what my day job is?

I've also been sick. As in, I slept for two days. And my husband looked after everyone. He's awesome. But I digress.

Part of the reason I haven't been here is that there's too much to write about (whah, I know, I know), especially book reviews because I've been reading a lot, and the idea of doing justice to the reviews was daunting.

Until I came up with a plan of attack. Or a method. Yeah, a method. Short, sweet reviews, Busy Mom Style.

There are 5 different "calibers" of books that I read (IE will I recommend them to you, and if so, how much should you spend on it?).

5. I lost brain cells from the sample sent via Kindle to my phone. I did not buy this book; I did not download it if it was free. And if I did, it was an error, and I'll blame the length of the sample. Yeah. It's the sample's fault.
4. The sample seemed okay. I checked to see if the library had copies, because I'd read it for free. But I wouldn't pay for it.
3. As in Number 4, but the library didn't have copies, but it's available in ebook form for less than $3.00.
2. I loved it. Or maybe just enjoyed it. And I'll Kindle it. (But I don't generally spend more than $5 on ebooks. For more than that, I want a real book in my hands, thank-you very much.)
1. I have to own this book in real form. I will wait until it's in a more affordable paperback form, but an ebook just won't do.

Sometimes series get grandfathered in to one category or another, and sometimes they get bumped to the Kindle from the real bookshelf.

I'll talk to you more about it this weekend.

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