Tuesday 5 November 2013

Running in Heels

Today was my second day back at work after maternity leave. I thought that it would be a good idea to buy some new clothes. You know, to upgrade from the current lounge/yoga pant ensembles.

This meant a couple pairs of slacks, some blouses, a nice sweater, and some pretty camisoles. These aren't outfits that go well with Asics.

So, I bought two pairs of shoes from a store that likes to do a lot of BOGO events. I like this store because they're cheap, and they carry wide sizes. I have 6.5, WIDE feet.

The only shoes nice enough in my size and width were heels. I hate heels. Well, I like how they look, but I hate wearing them. But these are so damn cute. And pretty. And they fit. And they are fairly comfortable; it's not like I'm standing or walking in them ALL day.

But when I am walking in them? I have to really concentrate on not falling on my ass.

Which popped a random thought into my head:

How the fuck does Kate Beckett run in her fucking heels? Or any other TV cop? Scully wore heels. Jessica King had a fetish for heeled anything (her rubber crime-scene boots are AWESOME, by the way).

Is there somewhere that actresses go to learn how to run in heels? And is the ability to do so a requirement for playing cops? Or do they CGI the footwear in?

Casting Dude: So, can you like, run in heels?
Actress: No?
CD: Your character is hot, because, like, she's on TV, so she wears hot shoes. And, she chases a lot of bad-guys. So, like, you have to be able to run in heels.
A: Without falling down?
CD: Yeah.
A: And if I can't, can you CGI some on my feet in those scenes, or only film knee-up?
CD: Yeah, no, because hot shoes are like really hot when a hot chick is chasing bad-guys, to like, take them down and shit. So, if you can't do it, we'll have to go with someone else.
A: Then yes, I can.

My answer would have been no. Or yes, and the show would have been a comedy.

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